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Overall Issues | Which Browser is best to use?
If you are experiencing any issues, the first thing you should check is which Browser you are using.

What is a Browser?
    A browser is the program that you use to access the internet and websites

Examples of Browsers:

We only recommend using Mozilla Firefox to make updates and edits on your YL personal website because:
- Easiest to use
- Most secure, and
- Allows you to use all the features that YL Website has to offer

All browsers will act a little bit differently when interpreting websites and especially when the user is allowed to make updates themselves (meaning you are editing the page like a web designer). Because of this, Firefox is the best browser to allow the user to take full advantage of all the features YL Website has to offer.

Example of an Issue:
Uploading Image issue
- If you are experiencing issues when trying to upload your own images on the "Update my Contact Page" it is because of your browser.  For example, some users see strange code when they try to upload an image - this is because their current browser is not interpreting the website correctly. Update your browser to the latest version or using the latest version of Mozilla Firefox will fix this issue.

To download a free Mozilla Firefox browser, click here:
Internet Explorer
(2nd choice)
(but not recommended)
(but not recommended)

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